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Amazing amazing. Incredibly intimate. A mindblowing platonic experience. Do yourself a favor and book a session

Erik (Denver, CO)

I have had 5 sessions with her now, and I cannot emphasize the level of joy and contentment she brings to my life each time we have a session (I recommend at least 2 hours.) 
Every session has been extremely intimate! Even though our sessions are platonic and strictly non-sexual, I enjoy the connection every time in ways that are hard to describe, but suffice it to say that our sessions remind me of the “after-glow” following really great sex! I know of no better way to describe it. It’s not sex. It is WAY better than sex! 

Freddie (San Jose, CA)

She has a presence and awareness I have rarely encountered: serene, expansive, loving, and authentic. Our time was healing for me and reminded me how much more is possible in human interconnection on multiple levels. Very glad she's on our little planet right now!

Brent (Portland, OR)

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